Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Naval Intelligence: Men's hoops dominates UMass, women fall to Iowa State

As everyone in Commodore Country continues to bask in the gleam of the Music City Bowl trophy, it's hard to recall that basketball season is well underway, with SEC play set to commence tomorrow night for the women and this Saturday for the men.

At the same time, it's easy to understand why the Black and Gold Faithful are letting this one linger a little bit -- after all, it's not every day that you get to see something that hasn't happened in fifty-three years.

With that said, it's time to change gears, and after a bowl-related siesta, S&S is back to bring you the 2009 edition of Memorial Magic.

So here's what's making news in Commodore Country:


Vanderbilt defeated UMass in Amherst, 78-48.AP Photo.
The Tennessean has the AP report on the men's win, since apparently all their focus was on the hometown team's bowl game (not that I'm complaining).

Marty Dobrow calls the display "offensive" in a great Boston Globe headline pun (get it? display truly offensive?).

Rich Thompson has the other UMass take on the game for the Boston Herald (ah yes -- remember the days when Nashville also had two dailies? I miss the Banner every time I pick up the Tennessean).

Kerri Flemming offers another examination of UMass' poor offensive production against the Dores.

David Boclair talks about Jamie Graham's transition from football to basketball (with a funny quote from K-Stalls about "patient hats").

John Pennington has compiled each SEC team's RPI rankings, and there's no SEC team in the Top 20 (dear ol' VU is an abyssmal 76, putting us at no. 5 in the conference and only one point behind Kentucky).

Stanimal is not pleased that no one is paying attention to our 11-3 Commodores (he also points out that our defense is no. 4 in the nation in opponents' field-goal percentage (wow!).


The no. 20 Vanderbilt Commodores lost to Iowa State in Ames, 51-55.AP Photo.
Iowa State celebrates its win over the then-no. 20 women by watching game tape from last year (hard to believe our women started out as a Top 10 team).

The women fell to no. 24 in the AP Poll (don't the low-20s seem like their permanent position in the poll? c'mon, ladies: I know you're better than that).

Bobby La Gesse recaps the Dores' loss in Iowa. Twice (I'm confused why this game needed to articles, really).


David Boclair liked what he saw from Larry Smith in the redshirt freshman's first collegiate start (in the biggest game for VU in 50 years -- yeah, I'm impressed, too).

David Moorman sees the SEC's silver lining to bowl season despite 'Bama's embarassing loss (surprise, surprise: he was suprised by VU's win).

Ed Grief's very first in-person bowl game was VU's win over Boston College in the Music City Bowl (he's the sports editor of the Crossville, Tenn. newspaper).

David Rutz calls Upson and Hahnfeldt unlikely heroes in his story on the special teams' leaders in the Hustler.

David Fox says our bowl win wasn't a thing of beauty, and it's hard to argue with him about that (but I'll take an ugly win over a beautiful loss any day).

Mary Beth Gunn also got to go to her first bowl game with the Commodores' trip to LP Field (she works for the Shelbyville, Tenn. newspaper).

WKRN chronicles downtown merchants' bellyaching that quickly turned to glee when victorious Vanderbilt fans made up for the lack of attendees with uber-celebration after the win (play the video: the fist-pumping guy is hilarious).

Don Yates has five thoughts about VU's 2009 football season (already!).

David Shochat grades the Commodores' bowl win with a somewhat-mediocre 3.21 (B+) average (the big drag? offensive line and coaching -- mainly offensive coordinator Ted Cain -- hard to argue that, isn't it).

Maurice Patton also has a GPA for the Black and Gold effort: 3.25 (B+) average.

Mike Kranzler puts the 2008 season into perspective with analysis on these Dores' lasting legacy (sort of like our coverage here on S&S).

David Shochat has a recap of D.J. Moore's career at VU since DJ is headed to the NFL.

John Pennington explains why the SEC won its New Year's Eve bowl games and it comes down to one thing: coaching (great props to BoJo).

Maurice Patton analyzes Vanderbilt's 2009 recruiting class and argues that Rivals' no. 67-ranking doesn't necessarily tell us how much this team will impact the Commodores on-the-field product (after all, I'm sure Auburn's recruiting class -- the one's we beat this year -- were a lot better than ours).

More on recruiting from Doug James at VSL.

Maurice also tells us about BoJo's effort to make a winning season into a winning culture (let's hope he succeeds!).

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes already has his 2009 predictions up, making us here at S&S feel winded since we haven't posted our 2008 predictions yet.

After his despair toward the end of the season, PhilipVU94 jubilantly posts after the big win.

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