Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post-Wake reaction

Larry Smith led the Commodores in the second half, after Chris Nickson and Mackenzi Adams were plagued with injuries.Photo by Vanderbilt Athletics.
I went to the Wake Forest game. That's how dedicated to this University your authors are. I sat in the 36-degree, 20 m.p.h. wind, steady cold-rain to watch our Commodores stumble before about twelve-fourteen thousand at BB&T Field.

There was actually a good Commodore contingent in Winston-Salem, and the team came out enthusiastic. Indeed, this time, the Commodores can't use the "we came out flat" reaction to the loss.

The game quickly denigrated into a very, very ugly performance by both teams. Turnovers abounded, and Vanderbilt ended up going through 3 quarterbacks.

Honestly, for much of the game, it felt as though Vanderbilt was winning. The Wake crowd was restless most of the time, even when they led the game. It wasn't until the late touchdown in the second half that the game truly went out of reach.

On the bright side, the fact that Larry Smith came in and led the Commodores on a drive should console the Vanderfaithful somewhat -- after all, (unlike against, say, Florida) Wake kept its starters in because the game was still in doubt.

At the same time, the Black and Gold Faithful should not look forward to the bowl game (whichever one we go to) with much hope for winning it. At least, not if we cannot figure out how to mount some offense with the limited tools at our disposal right now.

This season has shown progress: we are going to the post-season. But goodness, that progress is ever so slight. And as one person put it to me recently: "Vanderbilt's post-season was secured when Chris Marve stripped the Ole Miss running back in the fourth quarter in Oxford."

With the Commodores sitting at 6-6, I have to agree.

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