Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Naval Intelligence: Thanksgiving for bowl eligibility, men's basketball beats MTSU

In last year's season-ending game, the Commodores started poorly against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. After their "flat" start against Tennessee, Commodore fans are hoping that the Men from West End have any letdown out of their collective system.Photo by Vanderbilt Athletics.
Happy Thanksgiving to all and sundry from all of us here at S&S.

Though I am distinctly not thankful for this past Saturday's train wreck on Dudley Field, I cannot help but be grateful to everyone involved in bringing Vanderbilt to bowl eligibility this year. No matter what happens the rest of this season, we have made progress.

Here's what's making news in Commodore Country:


Chris Low pics Wake, 14-21 (saying that our season-ending collapse will be worse than their season-ending collapse).

Chris talks about Mac Adams' return to starter at quarterback (and the question deserves asking: why can't Mac and Chris both play? We could always put Larry in as backup if something happens).

Chris ranks the 'Dores no. 7, citing our anemic offense.

Chris says our game against Yew Tee should have come with a "parental advisory suggested" notice, since the quarterback play was so awful (I agree).

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes calls Vanderfans out for their moaning about the loss to Yew Tee (reminding us to think about where we thought we'd be at this point way back in August -- you know, when we were underdogs to Miami of Ohio).

Dimon concludes that the Commodores are actually vampires, well, not really, but he does have an analysis of this weird we-can't-win-games-in-the-daytime phenomenon (which, of course, bodes well for our game against Wake!).

PhilipVU94 gets cynical again after the loss to Yew Tee (c'mon, Philip, hang in there: we're still going bowling).

Stanimal says it well: losing to Yew Tee ever is tough, but losing when you're favored for the first time in forever is even tougher (I hate Yew Tee).

On the bright side, we'll earn $1.1 million for playing in a bowl (but apparently, that will just cover our expenses).

Maurice Patton outlines the Dores' post-Wake, pre-bowl practice plans (and also picks up on Dimon's night-game thing).

David Boclair writes about Jeff Jennings, the player who I struggled to say nice things about (he's a great guy, but goodness, it seems every time he touches the ball, we either gain nothing or he drops it).

T. Kyle King picks Wake (despite saying nice things about VU).

Maurice quotes our players who don't want to finish even (and you know, I'd like to have a winning season, too).

David Boclair gives us the bad news: Jared Hawkins is out for the rest of the year (does this mean he might be back for the bowl?).

Maurice says our players thought they came out flat and I still don't know what "flat" means (emotionless, maybe?).

Jesus Quintana reevaluates our bowl projection after the Yew Tee loss (calling it "Homecoming, part deux" -- let's hope not).

Jesus also wishes you a happy thanksgiving (with a rather disturbing picture).


Maurice recaps the MTSU win, crediting our height and physical play with the win (and boy, was it physical: those MTSU kids looked like they were playing street ball).

Maurice also credits Commodore foul-shooting with the win (like we would have had if we'd made our free throws against Illinois).


The Hustler recaps the women's first loss in their road-trip to Ann Arbor (talk about a low-scoring game: 42-50? sounds more like a Big 12 football score).

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