Friday, November 28, 2008

Naval Intelligence: Men's hoops beat Cent. Ark., pundits pick Wake Forest to win at home

Mackezni Adams is back under center against Wake Forest romorrow.Photo by Vanderbilt Athletics.
I am stuffed. I do it every year: I get really, really full after one plate of Thanksgiving food, and then I don't have room for pumpkin pie or other dessert.

But enough about my Thanksgiving habits. We've got a football game tomorrow.

And that's what's making news in Commodore Country:


Jeffery Stewart and his buddy Randy both pick Wake Forest, one by 7 and one by 3.

Maurice Patton chronicles Wake's and Vandy's similarities in their similar development (which begs the question: if Vandy were in the ACC, would we have won the conference championship by now?).

Glenn Guilbeau ranks the 'Dores no. 7 and thinks Wake will win (he also has an annoying quote from Phil Fulmer: "We're still Tennessee" -- yes you are, coach, and that's why your players are still going to jail).

Nik Rodewald has posted his Commodore keys to the game (he says: don't lose, good quarterback, and Jeff Jennings can't drop the ball).

Speaking of Jeff Jennings, Maurice Patton has a story about his return to starting tailback (he gracefully doesn't mention that it's only by default that Jeff gets the start).

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes tell us for whom we should root this weekend (to make sure we get our best bowl).

Cocknfire gets a bit more hateful in calling us mediocre (he also picks Wake to win).

Pete Fox picks Wake by 7 (urging that SOV has returned again).

Pick'em Tally: Vanderbilt to win, 0; Wake Forest to win, 5.


Maurice also says that the men's team can't guard its leads (although, they did just fine against MTSU and Central Arky).

David Rutz recaps the Central Arkansas win briefly (and cautions us about the game against Drake).

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