Friday, November 21, 2008

Naval Intelligence: Friends don't let friends wear Orange

Men's basketball suffered its first home loss in a long time, and Nashville bars are throwing out the welcome mat for the "usual" hordes of Arnge that descend upon our fair city during Yew Tee Hate Week.

The only difference, now, is that the "hordes" are a bit thin this year. Must have something to do with the cold, right?

Here's what's making news in Commodore Country:


The one hundred and third meeting between the Southeastern Conference's two Tennessean institutions will battle on Dudley Field in the SEC's fourth oldest rivalry. If the Commodores win, it will be the first time since 2005, when Jay Cutler led the Black and Gold to victory in Knoxville.
Dimon Kendrick-Holmes reports that VU is favored to beat the Vawls by 3 points (but he also notes that this game is in the daytime, where we're 0-3 -- of course, we were also 0-17 in sixth-win games 'til last Saturday, too).

Tony Barnhart picks VU to win, 17-14 (and he tells Clemson they'd be stupid not to hire BoJo).

Bryan Mullen explains why the Vandy-Yew Tee game means so much to Phil Fulmer (apparently he coached here for a whole year).

Chip Towers suggests the Vawls give VU their full attention this Saturday (I'd say that "Vanderbilt -3" probably already did that, Chip).

Great news from Maurice Patton today: both Jamie Graham and Alex Washington will be back for the Yew Tee game (and BoJo says he "ought to be shot" if he doesn't get D.J. Moore "over there" on offense).

Mike Organ explains why it wouldn't be good for us or for Nashville for Vanderbilt to go to the Music City Bowl (somebody needs to tell David Williams II, though).

Great, great article from Maurice about BoJo and his carrying our program to bowl eligibility (creative and expressive analogy, too, Maurice).

Mike Blackerby reports that Arian Foster will be back for the Vawls on offense tomorrow (uh oh).

David Boclair becomes the latest person to analyze our bowl chances (for my money, you can't beat S&S's own Mark -- and please, somebody give the man some peaches).

Michael DiRocco picks VU to win and brings back everyone's favorite Vanderstat year, 1982 (as in the last time we beat the Vawls in Nashville).

Wes Rucker sees the Vawls 'n 'Dores flip-flopping their traditional roles in tomorrow's game.

Pete Fox, the perennially negative prognosticator, decides not to let VU's sunshine drive his cloud away and picks Yew Tee to win by 10 (really? by 10? are we not going to score at all?).

David Rutz takes the student body on a tour of the possible bowls that Vanderbilt could attend in this week's edition of the Hustler.

David Shochat interviews D.J. Moore, and apparently our all-star player is something of a comedian (so is Brent Trice?).

Peter Letarte teaches the freshmen why this rivalry is so bitter in his Hustler piece (too bad all the freshmen are too busy having their collective heads up the Commons' butt to notice).

The student newspaper at Yew Tee, the Daily Beacon, previews the game, and it's clear that they sure are stretching to find something nice to say.

Mike Strange annoyingly goes on and on about the color fans wear at Vanderbilt Stadium as his lede to a preview of the game (and really, what a great season it is for the Vawls when that's the best they've got "our fans are numerically superior to your fans"?).

Chris Low gives us another enemy to despise in the Old Hickory Class/Big Bend Brawl: Coach George Cafego (just read the article, and you'll understand).

Jon Wilner picks VU to win.

Yew Tee blogger Hooper takes the Vawls, 17-27 (my boss also said there'd be a 10-point spread).

Cocknfire picks VU, 13-10 (I guess he sees a defensive struggle).

Bob Epling picks Vanderbilt to win.

Yew Tee fan Chris picks Vanderbilt, 14-13 (everybody's picking a low-scoring game except the other Yew Tee guy).

This blogger uses a gratuitous picture of VU danceline girls to pick Vanderbilt to win (and really, who doesn't need gratuitous danceline girl pictures every now and then?).

Dimon thinks there's a Senior Day curse at Vanderbilt (maybe it's more of an end-of-season-depletion-because-of-lack-of-depth curse?).

In line with his tally of this all year long, Dimon reports that VU v. Wake Forest will be on ESPNU at night (where Vanderbilt has had a lot of success).

Football Pick 'Em Tally: Vanderbilt to win, 7; Yew Tee to win, 2.


Illinois beat Vanderbilt's young squad 63-69 at Memorial Gym in Nashville.
Stanimal has a recap of the loss to Illinois, and it can be summed up in one word (youth).

David Climer would say that one word is "consistency" (but c'mon, Dave, that's just another way of saying youth).

Maurice keeps the theme going, saying that the "Young Commodores" can't finish off the Illini.

Jimmy Morris also chronicles the Commodores' defeat.

Andrew Barge notes the loss breaks a home wins streak that went all the way back to March 2007 (but oh well).


The Commodores are traveling up to my old stomping grounds for a tilt in the Mini-Dome (a.k.a., Memorial Center) against the Lady Bucs of East Tennessee State University.

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PhilipVU94 said...

"...what a great season it is for the Vawls when that's the best they've got 'our fans are numerically superior to your fans'?"

Yeah, but you know, the Vols have SUCH GREAT FANS because they'll turn out 100k-strong as long as their team is winning. And Vanderbilt has lousy fans because we can't find 40k willing to watch season after season now matter how bad the record. Never mind that the minute they're confronted with ONE season of adversity, the "fans" bolt for the exits at Neyland.

Anyway, I just posted my last-minute prediction. Not quite as glum as Pete Fox's. :)