Friday, November 14, 2008

Naval Intelligence: Cold, wind, and snow will greet Commodores in Lexington

Vanderbilt must return to it's early-season form if it hopes to attain bowl eligibility against the Kentucky Wildcats this Saturday night in Lexington. The Commodores have gone 0-4 (0-3 SEC) since the loss to Mississippi State in Starkville.AP Photo.
It's going to be somewhere around 34 degrees, with snow flurries and winds from the west-northwest at 13 miles per hour when the Vanderbilt Commodores and Kentucky Wildcats kick-off in Lexington tomorrow night at 7 pm central. And the weather may not be the only ugly thing on display at Commonwealth Stadium.

Vanderbilt tries for the fifth time in five games to make bowl eligibility, and only the Commodores know whether they've let the psychology and pressure of that number go to their heads.

And that's what's making news in Commodore Country:


Chip Cosby reports that neither BoJo nor Rich Brooks think the weather will significantly impact their teams (to the extent that they can blame the weather at least -- to my mind, it's hard for snow, wind, and cold not to effect the way the game's played).

Brian Rickerd profiles our bowl woes over the past twenty-six years (while also pointing out that Kentucky's three-year bowl streak is also quite an achievement).

Jim McBride asks what happened to Vanderbilt and its bowl hopes? Good question, Jim.

Tony Barnhart picks UK to win, 17-24 (a very realistic score, to my mind).

Mike and Jay pick Vanderbilt to win by six (but, then again, they're Vanderfans, so not exactly objective voices, but still).

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes catalogs BoJo's ***-win futility (where *** is that number I'm refusing to say 'til we attain it).

The Burglar wants us to go deep, and he's willing to hand out wedgies to get it done (frankly, I don't get the "Rescuecom" reference, but that's not necessarily surprising, considering my appalling lack of cultural literacy).

Five "functions" for winning the game, according to Jesus Quintana: start Nickson, pressure Cobb ("WHAMMY"), special teams (wtf is "lamb and tuna"?), trickeration, and "the wishbone -- why the eff not?"

Greg Viverito has given up on winning in Lexington, so he focuses on (men's) basketball (in the person of John Jenkins, our four-star recruit who signed a Letter of Intent).

Despite law school, the men at VSL valiantly fight on (with news of Jenkins' LOI, also -- I fully understand their legal woe, having just passed the Bar myself).

The AP thinks UK and VU are mirror images of one another (with the significant difference that one of those schools doesn't have a psychological disorder regarding a certain number between 5 and 7).

Ryan Sonner pics the 'Cats, 20-24 (I'm still wondering from where all these people think any points above 14 will come).

David Rutz has happy-stats, or not: we suck in November, against Kentucky, and on ESPN 2 (thanks Dave).

Maurice Patton also takes the November-woe storyline out for a spin (we get the message, gents).

Jeff Schultz picks Vanderbilt to win as his upset (but he says we won't beat the spread).

Chip Towers explains to UGA fans why something besides winning the SEC matters, since they're apparently struggling to handle that concept (spoiled, if you ask me).

David Boclair has the understatement of the week with his headline, "UK Offense to provide challenges." (Umm, yes, they will).

In a more cheerful mood, David Rutz looks for a fresh start for VU in his Hustler piece (of course, the headlines may reflect editorial decisions -- just goes to remind us how annoying the UTennessean's editors can be).

Pete Fox pics Kentucky, 17-27 (arguing that everybody in the world has seen how to beat us).

Darren Epps gets all sarcastic about UK/Vanderbilt being on ESPN2 with his snarky comment, "Nickson, Cobb... the SEC on ESPN!" (Sounds like someone's a bitter Yew Tee fan).

Jason at HireJoeGirardi sees 3 things we have to do to win the rest of our games (block, tackle, and have special teams).

OverThePylon writes an entertaining preview, and picks the 'Cats, 17-35 (I don't think UK will score that much -- at least I hope not).

Et tu, Dimon? He picks UK, 10-24 (wouldn't 14-24 be more precise, considering our other games in the losing streak?).

MuthaBlogger picks Kentucky, since they're at home.

Justin gets second place for understatement of the week with his "Vanderbilt needs win in the Commonwealth." (Again, umm, yes. We do.).

Cocknfire picks Vanderbilt, 16-14 for number ___ (you know that number).

Chris Low picks Kentucky, also, 21-28 (this is starting to get lop-sided).

Chris' earlier focus on VU dried up when the wins did, but now he gives a spotlight to the UK-VU matchup (probably because our game's on his network).

Football Pick'em Tally: Vanderbilt to win, 3; Kentucky to win, 6.


Maurice Patton previews the 2008-09 men's hoops team, with a focus on AJ Ogilvy (you know, it's going to be neat to see how such a young team works this season).

David Boclair also takes a look at men's basketball, and there's a great quote from Coach Stallings about focusing on both the present at the future (interesting way of putting it, coach).

Melanie Balcomb says size is overrated. In basketball. But hey: she's the coach, not me (and it is her team that's picked to win the SEC, too).

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