Friday, October 17, 2008

Vanderbilt-Georgia preview: by the LOLcats?

The cats have a good point: Georgia could overlook the Commodores with their trip to LSU looming next week.Photo by Doug, Hey Jenny Slater Blog.
Earlier this year, Vanderbilt did well with a celebrity analyzing our game against Auburn on ESPN's College GameDay (and who would have thought that die-hard Big Arnge Kenny "I think I'm Jimmy Buffet" Chesney would pick the 'Dores over the War-Eagling Tigers?).

SEC blogger Hey Jenny Slater (whose pseudo-esoteric name is hilarious in its own right) has a weekly feature that calls on a different sort of celebrity to weigh in with their thoughts on the game this week.

I don't necessarily agree with the feline forecasters and their assessment of how the game will shake out, but I did laugh out loud when I read through this.

Let's hope for another "EPIC FAIL."

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