Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Naval Intelligence: Commodores face trap-game unlike any other

Vanderbilt faces Mississippi State in Starkville this week for the first time since Jay Cutler lead the Commodores at quarterback.Photo by Neil Brake, VU Athletics.
There's the distinct possibility that the Vanderbilt Commodores can demolish records with a win this Saturday.

But there's just as much of a chance that the magical start which has seen the Black and Gold launch a new acronym into the Vanderbilt fanbase with good cause could come to end against the upstart Mississippi State Bulldogs.

And that's what's making news in Commodore Country today:

CBS previews the game against Miss. State, and they see VU as a 61% favorite (of course, Auburn was also a major favorite, so let's don't pay too much attention to this).

Convalescing Jarred Amato thinks the 'Dores won't let their press get to their heads with so much at stake (and since discipline has been such a hallmark of this team this year, I'm inclined to agree -- but stats like "we haven't won in Starkville since 1971" do give me pause).

Jarred interviews wide receiver Justin Wheeler after BoJo's presser at McGugin (the Center, not the coach -- since we've been talking alot about him lately).

The intrepid staff of update us on our opponents after this week (in case you missed it, Yew Tee had a key win, 13-9, over the mighty Huskies of No. Illinois).

Hairy Turdy thinks Corso is a d-bag.

Jesus Quintana apparently won a lot of money drunkenly betting on Vanderbilt against Auburn in Vegas (the "real" one, not the Nash variety). are still giving some love to the posters put up by the Vanderfolk (I'm still proud of our effort, myself).

Olin Buchanan has 3 random thoughts about VU: some schadenfreude at Yew Tee's expense; thoughts on VU facing a trap game against State; and speculation about Clemson trying to lure BoJo back to South Cackalacky (begin praying now that we keep BoJo).

Maurice Patton is spying to see who'll start at QB against State (no word yet who it will be -- also, Maurice crunches the numbers, and VU is only 1 of 15 unbeatens in Div. I-A (ok, ok "FBS" -- blah) football).

Maurice takes me to school, because I didn't realize that we were having so much success from redshirt freshmen this year (two big plays already: Chris Marve in Oxford to preserve the win with a strip, and Brandon Barden on Dudley to catch the go-ahead touchdown pass -- wow).

Phat Phil says we've had some nice wins, but it's "early yet" (you know, coach, I wouldn't call 41% of the season being done "early", but hey -- you're the coach).

Kyle Veazey helps Bruce Fowler get our defense ready by reporting that State is going to use more zone (you've got to love Croom's response, too).

Big-time college football, indeed: the State game went from "radio-only" to pay-per-view as of today (I'll still mute the TV to hear Joe "Voice of the Commodores" Fisher).

Kristofer Green ranks BoJo no. 11 best coach in the country in his weekly Top 25 look at college coaches (we were unranked last week -- guess it took ESPN to get him up there).

The Hustler sports staff roundtables the Auburn win, and they see three things emerging as a result of 5-0: national respect, recruiting boost, and the possibility of program turn-around (I agree with all three, particularly if we can make it happen Saturday, and prove that we can handle our success).

David Rutz ranks the SEC, leaving VU at no. 5.

Darren Epps looks at the 5 remaining SEC championship contenders, and yes, the 'Dores made the list (plus he has some really great things to say about GameDay in Nashville).

Chris Low says what he thinks BoJo won't: that VU's secondary is the best in the SEC (and maybe the country -- and he gets a great understatement quote from coach).

Chris also thinks VU is a possible contender for the SEC, even if it's not as likely as some might now think.

Clifford the Dawg picks State, 17-21 (I guess that's a State Dawg, not a UGA one).

Ethanator also picks State, but he doesn't give a score.

Cocknfire posted this week's SEC Power Rankings, and the bloggers think VU is no. 4 in the SEC -- ahead of Florida! (I guess we'll see how this one shakes out on the field).

Bobby O'Shea puts out its pay-per-view edition, with some details on the TV situation.

Jonathan Martin noticed that Tom Brokaw knew the 'Dores were 5-0 (for those political nerds out there who read websites like

Ghost of Jay Cutler (who is an Ole Miss blogger) has some great things to say about Vanderbilt, and joins in for some good-natured Yew Tee bashing (calling a win for us against the Vawls in November one of the greatest moments in Vanderbilt history: going to a great bowl and getting Phat Phil phired).

Jerry Hinnen ranks us no. 5 in the SEC and thinks our best upset-chance is against UF at home (how big would beating Heisman Tebow for (at least) SEC win # 4 be?).

Doug is worried about UGA's chances of winning their homecoming game since upstart VU is on the way again this year (you'd think they'd schedule homecoming a different week this year).

Doug also enjoyed our signs at College GameDay.

Well, we said the VU bandwagon was taking Volunteers, but I didn't expect them to actually take us up on it. Enjoy.

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