Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Naval Intelligence: Time for a new acronym?

Vanderbilt head coach Bobby Johnson is doing his part to forever rid Commodore fans of SOV. Photo by Vanderbilt Athletics.
If you have followed the Commodores with any attention to the press and blog coverage surrounding the football program, a certain acronym will inevitably come to your attention: S.O.V.

Same Old Vanderbilt.

It's something of a curse, an epithet, an insult, and an expression of frustration all rolled up into three, neat letters.

The statistics tell the story: prior to 2005, Vanderbilt had only enjoyed two 4-0 starts since World War II.

Since 2005, the Commodores have started 4-0 twice.

From 1945 to 2005, the Commodores were winning a dismal 0.326 of its games.

In their last 25 games, the 'Dores are 0.520.

The success and winning tradition that Bobby Johnson has been building into his program is tangible in on-the-field results. If the current trend continues, and the 'Dores finish at or above 0.500 for the first time since 1982, and only the sixteenth time since 1945, it may be time for a new acronym.

How does B.N.V. (Brand-New Vanderbilt) sound?

While you ponder that, here's what's making news in Commodore Country today:

PhilipVU94 has some off-week potpourri, and it smells pretty good (I'm sorry, I'm sorry -- I had to do it).

Marv is using off-week to analyze some statistics, and it's interesting what he uncovers (he's contrasting BNV with SOV (though he doesn't use my new acronym yet) as well). shows us where the 'Dores rank statistically, giving us the best and worst from the SEC, and where we fit in with them (our average rank for all categories is 6.4 -- not bad).

Tim Pollock throws out some stats to justify his gloomy forecast for the rest of the Commodores season (and brings back that "back to reality" line that some people have begun using -- I'd still like to know what's fantasy about our 4-0 start).

Maurice Patton catalogs some of the national attention the 'Dores have been receiving thanks to 4-0 and no. 21 (can anyone show me a link to the SI article?).

Brett Hait talks to George Smith about the captain wide receiver's return to playing time (and also talks a little bit about Nickson's injury).

Matt Jenkins has a feel-good within a feel-good as he highlights second-string placekick holder David Giller (it really is a great story, and David's gotten some PT).

Tim Stephens thinks the bowl drought may end, but he's realistic enough to recognize it might not (sounds like some Vanderfans I know).

David Rutz talks details about the Defense in the latest edition of the Hustler.

David Shochat ranks the SEC and puts VU at no. 6 (which, statistically-speaking, is where we should be, apparently).

Chris Low has a great human-interest piece on Ryan Hamilton, your Week 4 SEC Defensive Player of the Week.

Justin Hokanson ranks SEC quarterbacks, running backs, and defenses, and we're 8th, 8th, and 10th, respectively.

Senator Blutarsky really does start to beat that dead horse as he argues with people who think we'll get eight wins (honestly, let's just worry about 6 right now -- that'll be plenty hard enough).

Jarvis Grear reports that the Liberty Bowl is scouting the Commodores as a possibility for its 50th Anniversary.

Signs posted on McGill Hall for Homecoming 1972. It's nice to know things don't change at VU. Photo by the Vanderbilt Commodore.
The Bull Gator gives a big cheer for the 'Dores now that we're ranked (and has some sort of dislike for Jay Cutler and Jay's dad, which I don't get -- is this an NFL reference that I'm missing due to my NFL apathy?).

Pat continues to pump up Class of '73 alums with his fun and insightful post (and you've got to love the picture of McGillites celebrating Homecoming 1972).

Paul Gattis has some more nice things to say about VU, while putting down Tennessee (a great way to get a positive link from Vanderfans).


The Bull Gator said...

Hey Diezba,

Great blog! From a fellow SEC fan, it's great to see Vandy do well. I've always been a fan of cheering for the little guy.

Figured I would clarify my comments regarding Cutler and his dad. During the 2005 double overtime game against Florida, cameras kept going back to Cutler's dad. Time after time after time after time. He was always cheering on his son - which is not a problem at all - but got a little too enthusiastic. As Vandy kept the game close, Cutler's dad was shown doing the Gator chomp several times as well as getting into it with surrounding fans. That's why he's not well liked among Gator fans and why from time to time a mention of him appears when a UF fan discusses Vandy.

Anyway, had a nice read looking around your blog and hope Vandy can keep up the success this year...except against Florida of course.

Anonymous said...

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