Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Naval Intelligence: Still unconvinced, most pick Rebels over Dores

Despite recognition from media across the country, most still pick the Commodores to lose to Ole Miss. The spread has actually opened since betting began from VU +5 to +6.5. AP Photo.
Today the prediction posts begin, and it is interesting to see how the Commodores' new-found respect from the media (who, after all, are the ones who vote for the AP Top 25) hasn't really translated into "wins" during those win-loss predictions. It must be easier to fill out a ballot than risk your win-loss-prediction record.

Here's what's making news in Commodore Country:

The Sports Network has in-depth analysis of VU-UM stats, and on that basis calls it Ole Miss, 24-20 (though I'd like to remind folks that one of our Nashville beat writers has pointed out that a lot of Vanderbilt's success is coming from "hidden yards" in special teams play -- maybe we shouldn't tell Ole Miss 'til Sunday -- and maybe that's accounting for the "surprising" points-per-game).

Jason Logan has more on VU against the spread, and reports that the line has actually ran up (opened at 5, now up to 6.5 -- really?).

Chuck Rounsaville writes that Ole Miss isn't ignoring the VU defense, and they've got plans to deal with it.

Chuck also talks some about UM QB Snead's 3 sackless games (let's hope we nip that talking point in the bud this weekend -- Reshard, Broderick, y'all paying attention?).

Parrish Alford has more on Snead and Ole Miss fans' obsession with him right now.

Neal McCready saves the day for Greg Hardy, who was losing ground to Snead today, in competing for Ole Miss attention.

Maurice Patton focuses on Jared Hawkins and the rushing threat he's quickly become this season (although I might have to quibble with the "rare" modifier -- we've been running option and option-derivative offenses since Coach Johnson got here, so technically, those have all been sort of rush threats, right?).

Maurice says we're getting a new receiver for Ole Miss, a transfer out of Clemson who'd been sitting out with an injury (with that said, let's hear it for our "depleted" receiving corps -- yes, they haven't been a huge production machine, but they've been a threat that our opponents have had to cover).

Brett Hait shows some love for D.J. Moore, while getting some perspective from Coaches Johnson and Nutt.

Chase Parham has details on the Ole Miss ground game (summary: they're mediocre against real opponent Wake, they hope steamrolling Samford means similar action over VU (I think our Defense is a bit better than the Bulldogs, thanks)).

David Rutz ranks the SEC for the Vanderbilt Hustler (he has the 'Dores at 6).

Peter Letarte, Mike Kranzler, and David Shocat have a roundtable discussion to figure out what's been making the difference for the Commodores this season, when we have a team that's largely the same as last year's.

Chip Robie gives us an update on the Men's Tennis Team.

Jeremy Crabtree highlights successful recruiting by traditional academic powerhouses not necessarily well-known for their football success (including us, Duke, Northwestern, and Stanford -- and wow, Duke's 32 and we're 63 in recruiting for football?!).

Pat Forde gives the Dores a big hug and sends us bowling as one of his teams "undefeated, under radar."

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes tallies the number of stars in each SEC football recruiting class (one guess as to where we end up).

LawVol continues to destabilize the fabric of the universe with more praise for the 'Dores, this time for D.J. Moore (it's hard to hate a school and its fans when they're being so nice).

Soda Pop misses the Dores' hidden yards and predicts a 24-13 Ole Miss win based mostly on offensive yards production.

Chris Rushing heaps praise on VU but can't pull the trigger on predicting a win (he sees Ole Miss, 24-21).

Brandon Barca has a good look at Ole Miss's new (well, sort of new) offense, Wild Rebel (sort of new: see "Wild Hog").

Jarred Amato ranks the SEC, and he puts the Dores at 6.

Jarred also compiles some stats to explain the Dores' thus-far-undefeated season (I have to agree, a lot of those stats are amazing).

PhilipVU94 conducts some REAL naval intelligence and blogs/transcriptizes the Coach Houston Nutt radio show (now there's some serious Vanderblogging).

Philip also wanders through the SEC blogs, making some great analysis along the way (not to mention writing a great note about Vanderfans' recurrent existential angst -- and linking S&S).

Seamus O'Toole hearts Chris Low who hearts D.J. Moore (whom we all heart).

Jesus Quintana doesn't think he'll be changing his Christmas plans because Ole Miss picked up Jevan Snead (let's hope he's wrong).

Jesus also brings this back, and really, this is one of the reasons I was so sad to see Coach Orgeron go (not to mention somewhat guaranteed SEC wins).

The Burgalar is worried about our receivers and justifiably asks why this game isn't on TV (not even Raycom?!).

Godfrey tries really hard but really has to reach to find things about which to hate (HATE!) Vanderbilt (and, to defend the honor of the University which I love, I will respond to his outlandish charges later on S&S).

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