Friday, September 19, 2008

Naval Intelligence: Make or break game for Dores, Rebels

Conventional wisdom says Vanderbilt is exceeding expectations, Ole Miss is meeting them, and the game tomorrow will play a large part in deciding whether the team ends up in a bowl. Photo by J.D. Schwalm.
The consensus cross the college football world today seems to be that Vanderbilt is exceeding expectations, Ole Miss is meeting them, and the game tomorrow will play a large part in deciding whether either team ends up in a bowl.

Another widely-held view seems to be that tomorrow's game is going to be both exciting and entertaining, and it's good to see that it's not just Vanderbloggers issuing fatwas who think Vanderbilt-Ole Miss should be on TV.

As the stakes get higher, here's what's making news in Commodore Country today:

Daniel Ryan invokes the 2006 Vaught-Hemingway debacle and implores the Commodores to learn from those mistakes (I was there, and even the statistics cannot truly give you a sense of how horrible that game was).

Chris Low sees Greg Hardy's return and D.J. Moore's natural talent as game-deciding factors.

The AP sees a world turned upside-down, where Vanderbilt is approaching upper-half of the SEC and Ole Miss is reeling on the bottom (let's hope things stay this way, too).

Chuck Rounsaville says everyone's thinking it, but nobody's saying it (could someone tell poor non-subscribing me what it is we're all thinking?).

Tony Barnhart picks the Rebs by a field goal at the buzzer, but still thinks Vanderbilt could "sneak out" with a victory (I appreciate the props, but I hardly think a Vanderbilt win would be sneaking out at this point – people have been talking about this all week).

Parrish Alford teaches Ole Miss fans why they're going to hate Chris Nickson after the game tomorrow.

David Fox says the game to watch tomorrow is Ole Miss-Vandy (too bad NOBODY WILL SEE IT except those of us going to Oxford).

Maurice Patton gets D.J. Moore to commit to an air raid for the next time DJ gets close to paydirt.

Jake Curtis misspells Chris "Nix" Nickson's name, but at least he's giving us some love (and, in his defense, Mr. Curtis is in San Francisco).

Brett Hait chronicles the development of the Ole Miss-Vandy rivalry, and no one can account for why these two teams always play so close (even when one is good and the other isn't – though Ryan Hamilton says that games are usually "awkward").

Brett Hait knows what to watch for, and picks the Dores by 1 (I think that no-sacks-yet thing is going to hurt Snead – if we can get to him, he's going to be rattled).

David Brandt says that it's time for the Rebels to put up or shut up, citing to that ugly no-SEC-wins-since-2006 stat that Ole Miss people are surely tired of seeing (and boy, can we relate).

Scott Cacciola attributes Vanderbilt's resurgence to the coffee in McGugin Center (and believe me, that stuff is thick).

Nick Gallo has his fingers crossed for a Top 25 ranking if the Dores beat the Rebels.

Mike Kranzler catches up with former VU standouts and lets us know where they are now.

David Rutz reports on the cross country team's big meet that is being held this weekend.

Blake Lovell still thinks QB play will make or break the Commodores in the game against Ole Miss.

Cranky VandyMania picker Pete Fox goes with Ole Miss by 6, citing no dearth of character, but no talent for throwing and catching.

Pat Dooley makes the toughest pick of the week, and chooses Ole Miss by 3 (he also says that the winner of this game is the real deal).

Marv at WhoYaWith breaks down the game and picks Vanderbilt by a touchdown (congrats to WYW for their 10,000 th visitor!).

Athlon has their 2008-09 men's basketball preview up, and they see the Hoops Dores placing fourth in the SEC East, with a post-season trip through the NIT.

Citing curious astronomical and aerial porcine displays in the heavens, Metz picks the Dores to win.

BSpeck says we've already exceeded his allotted Vanderbilt-wins-per-season and duly picks the Rebels.

Brad Locke says that Yew Tee, Kentucky, and Ole Miss all rank higher than VU (I think he must have just turned in a report from last season).

Brandon Barca says the team will Do Whatever It Takes (so how do we pronounce that, "Dee-Wit"?).

Aram H. picks the Dores to beat the spread in a post on C&P.

Bobby O'Shea gives a Rebel yell, and cries "Moore, Moore, Moore!" at VSL (yeah, sometimes I even impress myself).

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