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Naval Intelligence: Fifty-one arrested while celebrating historic Commodore victory

Chancellor Alexander Heard (next to the woman holding sunglasses) soldiers on as the "Vanderbilt traffic jam" begins during a VU loss in the bad old days. S&S thinks he'd be (mostly) proud of Sigma Chi with their enthusiasm for the Commodores. Photo from the Vanderbilt Commodore.
People often accuse Vanderbilt fans of being too sedate in their loyalty to the Commodores (of course, the fact that we can still type "Vanderbilt" and "fans" in the same sentence after 26 years of losing football seasons goes a long way in disproving that myth).

But if the myth needed busting, it will surely be put to rest with our top story in Commodore Country today:

Chattanooga television is reporting that 51 Vanderbilt students were arrested on Saturday night during their celebrations of the Commodores' come-from-behind win over Ole Miss in Oxford (the news report describes firecrackers at 2:30 a.m., and the surreal situation of two Sheriff's deputies having to call in back-up to arrest all 51 students).

Jannelle Stokes, at the Hustler, reports that all 51 of the students were members of Sigma Chi fraternity, on a retreat at an Ocoee River campground in rural Polk County, Tennessee (Vanderbilt and Sigma Chi International are investigating the incident, according to VU Greek Life director Kristen Torrey -- all 51 students will be in Polk County for a court date on October 22).

Newschannel 9 in Chattanooga has a video report on the incident (it doesn't sound like there were any major shenanigans, just some exuberant school spirit -- S&S hopes both Sigma Chi and the individuals involved end up with minimal sanctions).

Chris Low thinks VU catches Auburn at a good time in the schedule.

Maurice Patton reports that Ryan Hamilton has received his second Defensive Player of the Week award in as many days for his Ole Miss performance.

Matt Hayes and Dave Curtis answer questions about Vanderbilt's "surprising" success so far this season (I have to admit, I'm among those a little surprised with how well we've done so far).

Michael Bradley draws a moral from the story of the Commodores rise under Coach Bobby Johnson (and gets a hearty "Amen" from this student of the college game).

Bleacher Report pours the booze as the 'Dores turn 21 (definitely the most creative play on "21" I've seen yet).

AOL Sports picks Ryan Hamilton as it's no. 1 "baddest" man on campus for Week 4.

Ryan Ferguson admits he was wrong in ranking the 'Dores last in the SEC above only Mississippi State (but he questions the quality of our wins over South Carolina and Ole Miss -- you know, at some point, if we win enough, they're not going to be able to do this unless they want to step on their "SEC is the best conference" storyline).

Senator Blutarsky says that Chris Low has drunk the Kool-Aid on the Commodores and tries to bring our expectations back down to earth (the Senator may be right about our offense, but I think he needs to reassess his analysis of our defense).

T. Kyle King ranks with his heart, not his head, and keeps the 'Dores at 5th in the conference, ahead of Auburn (he agrees with Blutarsky that our current success is "unsustainable").

Richard Pittman obviously wasn't at the game on Saturday, because he keeps referring to what happened in Ole Miss' penultimate drive as a "fumble" (even the picture at the top of his blog -- not to mention the video on ESPN.com -- clearly shows it was a strip by Vanderbilt's Chris Marve).

Chris Low says Chris Nickson and George Smith will both be ready for the Auburn game (but we lost starting tight end Austin Monahan).

Don Yates ranks our remaining opponents and has the surprising Duke Blue Devils' 2-2 record (so much for an easy Homecoming win).

Evan Woodberry has Auburn notes, and brings out that ugly last-win-over-Auburn statistic (hint: it was our only bowl win).

Maurice Patton needs to be careful about jinxing Bryant Hahnfeldt (I know, I know, now that we're ranked, it's time to set aside all those quirky Vanderfan superstitions).

Gary Wood did not like the Tennessean's layout for the Sunday paper (i.e., putting Yew Tee above the fold while "our own local team" got second billing despite its better performance and higher ranking).

Brett Hait welcomes people to the Vanderbilt bandwagon and explains why nobody should be surprised that Bobby Johnson is leading our Commodores to the future (one of the most startling stats in Brett's piece: in the games from 1995-2005, VU was 6-67 in the SEC; from 2006 to now, VU is 13-12 overall -- a winning record).

Tim Cottrell says Bobby Johnson has built a competitive program in Nashville and thinks that's scary for the rest of the SEC (why in the world should that be scary for the rest of the SEC? -- if we're a competitive program, then shouldn't it make things "less scary" for the big State U schools to lose to us? -- in other words, won't improvement at VU make losing to the 'Dores less than a capital offense for State U coaches?).

Randy Moore ranks Vanderbilt no. 6 in the SEC after Week 4.

John Wilner helped put us in the AP Top 25 with his vote for us at No. 21.

Commodores nominated for Team of the Week by the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl people (who knew they did this every week -- show of hands?).

The Tuscaloosa News ranks VU no. 5 in the SEC, placing us tied with Auburn (how much does the State of Alabama's on-going civil war have to do with this ranking selection?).

David Rutz has more details on ESPN's return to Vanderbilt Stadium.

Jeffrey McDaniel sounds a little nervous as he looks ahead to the Vawls' November 22 trip to Nashville (I think he has reason to be nervous, myself).

Ryan Hamilton was named SEC Player of the Week by the conference.

Bruce Feldman says the best team in Tennessee is the No. 21 Vanderbilt Commodores (the only ranked team in the State, after all).

Random Stuff Dad says our key games remaining include the rest of the season (but he does see a chance for a bowl).

Though he gets some stats wrong, He's got it cleared up now, so we give BWL props as he gives big "ups" to the Dores after Week 4, saying we now have some "gamebreakers."

Capstone Report piles so many Vanderbilt cliches into one post that it's hard to know where to begin (first, it's "Dudley Field at Vanderbilt Stadium," not "Commodore Stadium"; second, though I have seen cheese and wine at VU tailgates (this is a bad thing?), I have also seen beer (a lots of it), and we most certainly talk about our players (why else would we be at the game); and third, what "reality" will Auburn bring VU to? the reality of only-a-field-goal-against-Mississippi-State?).

Stoney says it's great to be smart again with teams like VU, Wake, and Northwestern doing well.

Bobby O'Shea has more on Ryan Hamilton and his bringing home the bacon this week with awards.

Brandon Barca has thoughts from Oxford on his BarcaBlog.

Jarred Amato asks about the over/under on 8 wins by the 'Dores.

Jarred also has news on Vandy baseball and Commodore alums making a new for themselves in the Big Leagues.

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