Sunday, September 14, 2008

Naval Intelligence: Earning some respect

Vanderbilt's Jared Hawkins rushed for 107 yards in the Commodores' 38-21 win over the Rice Owls on Sept. 13. Vandy's 3-0 start has earned the program some deserved respect. AP Photo.
Going 3-0 with a nationally-televised win over a ranked opponent and beating two up-and-coming non-conference opponents has a way of bringing some respect to a team. And it's about time.

Making news in Commodore Country today:

Don Yates picks 10 plays that beat Rice in the subscription section of VandyMania.

The first VM photo gallery for the Rice game is also up with the AP photos (and is it me, or was the fundraising for Hurricane Ike relief efforts a bit, well, under-advertised? Seeing a Houston-native Vandygirl taking up money in the AP photos was the first I'd heard of it).

Joe Biddle makes a corny "Rice" joke but also credits Coach Johnson with winning the chess match.

Maurice Patton notes the second-half shutout and raises the ghosts of Undefeated-Starts Past.

Joe Biddle talks some more about chess match and the defensive adjustments made at halftime (two articles from Biddle for one game?).

The Houston Chronicle's Moisekapenda Bower (cool name) caught Rice coach Bailiff telling us what he really thinks about his Owls' loss to the Commodores (so much for coaches' platitude-speak with this guy).

Some odds and ends from Maurice Patton that include the sobering reminder that there are more important things than football: like making sure your family's safe through a deadly hurricane.

Jim Patterson has the Politburo-take on the game from official Vanderbilt Pravda, "myVU."

The AP apparently has a template for reporting certain games, and uses it for this one (while also raising that annoying only-third-time-since-1984 statistic).

David Rutz highlights the much happier first-time-since-2005 statistic that makes us feel all happy and gooey inside.

The Tennessean reprints the Justin Pope article that's been making the rounds in the national papers (including the references to Archtraitor, E. Gordon Gee).

Maurice Patton plays Debbie Downer with his cataloguing of Vanderfans that are obviously victims of PTSD (or, as one twenty-five year veteran Commodore fan once told me, not PTSD, but domestic abuse with VU Football as the abuser and the Vanderfan as the victim -- with no disrespect intended to victims of domestic violence).

Vanderbilt ranked no. 7 in Gunther Ratings, and we got there by defeating no. 8, Rice (and this is after our win and their loss).

Auburn guy frets about the Tigers' trip to Nashville and says we're a "tough SEC team." Nice.

Some brand new Vanderfans enjoy the renovations to Vanderbilt Stadium (and isn't it nice to be seeing some new street fans in the house?).

Our out-of-conference performances are keeping the SEC strong, even against a C-USA team like Rice.

An LSU blogger warns the SEC gang not "to sleep on Vandy" (and he likes our wins over "quality mid-majors").

Save the Shield power-ranks us at 5th in the SEC and also likes our halftime adjustments.

PhilipVU94's halftime uneasiness was exactly like mine.

Moisekapenda Bower live blogs the game, and has a really cool play-back feature so you can feel like you're there.

Did you notice the 2008-09 basketball schedule that got put out Friday? We're on national TV six times this year. Whoa.

The boys at VSL like the GameDay pick against Rice.

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