Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Naval Intelligence: Now be vewy, vewy quiet...

Last year, Chris Nickson had to dodge the Michigan Wolverine defense; hopefully, Eastern Michigan won't pose quite the same problems for the Commodores as did the Maize and Blue. Photo by Neil Brake, Vanderbilt University.
Reading through today's Vanderbilt football news, you'd think (at least from what Vanderfolks are writing) that Eastern Michigan is hunting wabbits this week against the Commodores: if they can sneak up on us, they'll have a shot.

Frankly, I'm not convinced.

And whether or not the Eagles think they can sneak up on Bobby Johnson and Company, I don't think that the 'Dores will let it happen. Josh Eames, Commodore offensive guard, sums things up nicely: "It's important that we get a win this weekend and come out of this homestand with a good record."

And since Lincoln-Financial Sports has picked up the Vanderbilt-Auburn game on October 6, the Commodores definitely need to make sure they take care of business against the Michiganders this weekend, so that we can have a legitimate shot next weekend when the crowd yells, "War Eagle."

Meanwhile, Maurice Patton tells us that Vandy coaches are mostly pleased with the tight ends' performance thus far. I agree they've done pretty well -- especially in spots, like against Ole Miss -- but we still have improvement to make. Don't we?

Elsewhere, thanks to our crack research staff here at S&S, we found some Eastern Michigan press today. First, though, quick: who can name (without using the internet) the hometown for the EMU Eagles? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

(cricket, cricket)

Yeah. Me neither. But (and now you can awe and amaze your friends with this little tidbit), ladies and gentlemen (and can I get a drumroll, please), our opponents this week will travel all the way down from Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Anyone care to guess how that's pronounced (I'm going to go with "Yips-uh-lan-tee")?

Okay, okay, enough bashing the Eagles. On to those press clippings we found. First comes from Jeff Arnold at the Ann Arbor News. He gives us some insight into the Eagles and their offensive production against Howard this past week (he also helped us spell Ypsilanti correctly).

Second, we travel to the heart of the Aerie, where the Eastern Michigan Athletics folks have put together a pretty well-written game notes piece that has some great introductory stuff for folks (like me) who really don't know much about the the Green-and-White (and, of course, our awesome staff at McGugin has our game notes online, too -- careful, that's a PDF file).

It's an enjoyable read, and you get the impression that the Michganders (yes, I'm going to use that moniker as much as possible this week) are looking forward to "[t]ravel[ling] to Music City" almost as much as they are looking forward to playing the football game. Maybe we'll have a decent turnout for the game (and, good Lord, they do have 22,827 students enrolled -- a larger student enrollment than four SEC schools, including Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and us -- so it's possible).

On VandyMania, Blake Lovell reminds us not to overlook Eastern Michigan -- and continues our Elmer Fudd theme for the day.

Eastern Michigan is mentioned in CollegeFootballNews.com and their review of the MAC for week 4. Good to get some perspective on the (say it with me) Michiganders from some people who are used to seeing them.

These Vanderbilt Commodores, coached by the legendary Dan McGugin, were recognized as the 1906 national champions by the Billingsley Report. Photo from Vanderbilt University.
On the Auburn Scout site, those amazing "Staff Reports" give us some Auburn perspective on our game against them. Get excited, Commodore Nation, we'll be recognizing the 1957 national championship team, who is celebrating their 50th anniversary. Now wait a second. I've heard Auburn and Alabama people argue about this sort of thing, and I seem to remember a Bammer gleefully pointing out that Auburn did not have a national championship.

Hmm... let's look it up. Well, apparently they do, but from the Billingsley Report, which is the same group that awards the 1906 and 1911 national championships to Vanderbilt. Go figure.

In the blogosphere, T. Kyle King posts on DawgSports about this week in the SEC, and he picks "the Commies just because I can locate Nashville on a map and Vandy at least has a legitimate justification for its existence." Hey, we'll take it.

On RollBamaRoll, "outsidethesidelines" posts his SEC preview/review post, and he says that "a 6-6 season and a bowl appearance is very much a legitimate possibility."

Our buddies at Vanderbilt Sports Line (and we do commiserate with them as they fight through 1L year of Law School) voted in the Week 4 power rankings, keeping us steady at number 9. The rest of the conference, however, didn't exactly agree with them.

Eleventh?! No way. We've got to be better than Ole Miss, I mean we beat them. C'mon, people.

That's about it for football. But there's some more baseball stuff out there: on Rivals' baseball site, Kendall Rogers says we have a great opportunity again this year, but we'll still have questions on the mound.

Three days 'til football, folks.


PhilipVU94 said...

The rest of the conference, however, didn't exactly agree with them.

Eleventh?! No way. We've got to be better than Ole Miss, I mean we beat them. C'mon, people.

I read that as being the ballot of the particular USC fan who compiles the consensus ratings, not the ratings themselves.

Do I get a prize for already knowing EMU's in Ypsilanti, a suburb of Ann Arbor? I think it's pronounced beginning with a short I sound, but I could be wrong. I knew my geography geekery would help me one day.

Anonymous said...

Diezba -- Kendall Rogers is the Rivals baseball writer, not scout.

Diezba said...

whoops -- fixed. i know that's something of a "rival"ry between the two...

PhilipVU94 said...

As I surmised, the link you gave was to that one Real USC fan's poll entry placing us 11th. The full poll is now up and we're 10th.

Given the number of posts generated on VS by another SEC "power rating", this seems to be a very big deal to some people. To me not so much, because all will be settled on the field.