Monday, September 17, 2007

Naval Intelligence: It sure does feel good to win, doesn't it

Cassen Jackson-Garrison helped get Vanderbilt's running game back on track with 3 touchdowns against Ole Miss. Photo by Billy Kingsley, Nashville Tennessean.
I sure am glad that I didn't listen to that little devil on my shoulder and went on up to Nashville on Saturday. Nothing cleans that bad taste of losing out of your mouth like a win -- especially when it's an SEC win (it's also fun to join the general cheer that goes up when the 59-30 Florida-Yew Tee score is announced at Vanderbilt Stadium).

I'm not the only one who was glad he saw the action; make sure you also take a look at Mark's thoughts on the game (since he's back in action).

The mood in Vandyland is a lot better today, and the coverage reflects it.

Maurice Patton wrote in the Tennessean yesterday that Chris Nickson was just healthy enough to lead the Commodores to victory. And, to my mind (with no disrespect for Mackenzi Adams intended), I can't agree more. Chris was ridiculous (in a good way) in his performance against the Rebs, and he definitely provided a spark that we needed to get this very-important win (the play that really stands out in my mind is Chris' sacrificing of his beaten-and-bruised body to get that first down when we needed it -- even though the Ole Miss challenge overturned it, that was an amazing play).

It also sounds like, in a quote form Jonathan Goff, that the Commodores were very well-prepared in this game. The senior Commodore captain said, "[W]e had a good idea what [Ole Miss] wanted to do in [their] different formations."

Tennessean staff writer Jessica Hopp sums up my feelings about Chris Nickson's game last Saturday: he showed no fear.

The Tennesseean Staff reports (get the pun?) on general game notes. They point out the big donation that the Children's Hospital got, and that leads me to one question: why in the world did we not get Brooks 'N Dun to do the National Anthem instead of that whine-y "up-and-coming" country music "star" that did it?

Joe "I'm writing about Vanderbilt because UT got utterly slaughtered" Biddle had some commentary on the win, and he manages to be negative even despite a two-touchdown SEC victory for the 'Dores. Ugh.

In a rare weekened report, Brett Hait wrote about the big win against Ole Miss. He also noted that this is the first back-to-back home win over Ole Miss since the 1982 and 1984 seasons (has anybody else noticed how we're breaking a lot of these early '80s records? I think that's a good sign).

Down in Northeast Mississippi, Parrish Alford wrote in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that Nickson's the one for Vanderbilt; apparently, we're not the only people who noticed how amazingly Chris played. Alford also had some general game notes from the Rebel perspective.

Rick Cleveland, writing in the Jackson, Miss. Clarion-Ledger also credited Chris' leadership with the win, citing his "toughness" and "persistence."

Elsewhere in the Clarion-Ledger, Robbie Neiswanger wrote that Vanderbilt's balanced attack kept Ole Miss reeling. Wow. What a difference a week makes. Robbie also had some game notes.

Finally, from the opposition press, the Memphis Commercial Appeal has a very descriptive analogy for the Ole Miss defense in their game recap piece. Duct tape? Really? I thought it was the Commodore offense. Of course, I could be biased...

The dauntless staff at the Vanderbilt Hustler must have had their keyboards smoking after this weekend. First up is a game summary piece by David Namm (freshman communications studies major from Tampa Bay, Florida). Jarred Amato (junior English and communications studies double-major from Newton, Massachusetts) writes that the Commodores kept their word and came to play against the Rebs. Jarred also has a good piece on the Commodore offensive line. I'm telling you, folks: the Hustler consistently has some great writing. I'm even thinking about subscribing.

Keeping things chronological, over on VandyMania, the "VandyMania Staff" have a recap of the Ole Miss game. They also have the weekly J2M Stunners for Week 3.

On, in addition to the usual post-game coverage (which is great, don't get me wrong), Rod Williamson also has another edition of his Commodore Notebook.

At VandySports, they pass on the Media Relations' report about Chris Williams being named SEC OL of the Week. That's two-out-of-three weeks in a row that the 'Dores have received SEC recognition. Not bad, ladies and gents.

That brings us to today.

In the Tennessean, Maurice highlights our Offense's dominant performance against the Rebels.

Brett Hait lets us know that our team does have some confidence this year with a quote from Hamilton Holliday: "We felt we were better than this team," he said. "If we did our job, we felt we would come out on top." Let's just hope we don't get too confident.

In USA Today, there's actually some really good summary analysis about what we did good and what we need to improve.

Well, that's it for now. The message boards on both VM and VS have been humming, but there's just too much to cover it all today. And we've got to stretch our content since this is our off week. You understand.

Anyway, keep a weather-eye out for Mark's post-game commentary, and in the meantime, enjoy the off week. I know I am!

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