Monday, September 24, 2007

Naval Intelligence: Getting ready for a 'good test'

Cassen Jackson-Garrison had a 100-plus yard performance against the Rebels. As he and the Commodores prepare for E. Michigan, Bobby Johnson is hoping to see more of the same. Photo by Bill Kingsley, Nashville Tennessean.
Well, after watching all the fun in the SEC this weekend (good Lord, who would have thought Kentucky would womp-stomp the Hogs in Fayetteville?), I'm ready to see the 'Dores get back out there and play some football.

And according to Coach Johnson (and here's the transcript of today's presser at McGugin), the Eastern Michigan Eagles (who are now 2-2 after beating Howard University) are going to give us a good test this week, when they come calling at Dudley Field.

Let's just hope the Commodores haven't forgotten, after getting to rest on their Ole Miss laurels for a week, that we still need to prepare (and prepare well) for every team we play.

Of course, under Coach Johnson the Black-and-Gold has definitely had its share of hard work, and Marcus Buggs believes it's paying off for the Commodores both on and off the field.

There's also a(n annoying) piece in the Murfressboro newspaper about MTSU knowing how Vanderbilt feels now, in reference to the Blue Raiders' loss to Western Kentucky last Thursday.

Ugh. Aren't those people over that yet? I mean, the only thing they've ever done with their program is beat us. Now granted, they beat us three times in Nashville, but still. We've moved on from our 2005 victory in Knoxville (mainly, because we also beat Arkansas, Wake Forest, and Georgia, not to mention other Mitsoo-style posers since then -- and also, because some of us believe we might take care of business again in Knoxville).

I can't tell you how much I completely and utterly despise Middle Tennessee State University. More than Yew Tee. More than-- well, I don't know what hatred is deeper than a Vandyfan's for the Vawls (perhaps the Auburn/Alabama fan's hatred for Alabama/Auburn?), but let me tell you, it's deeper than that. Woody's MTSU debacle was my very first game as a Vanderbilt freshman, and I will always hate them with my whole heart. Always.

And Senn SM over at Vandy Tailgate completely agrees.

Ahem. Now where was I. Oh yes: Naval Intelligence briefing; we're playing Eastern Michigan this week. Right.

There's not much new on VandyMania or VandySports, and I can't find any Eastern Michigan press (at least, not yet -- maybe this will be like Richmond week, and we'll get some later this week), so we'll go ahead and turn to the message boards (where apparently everyone has been trying to fill this bye-week void by burning up their keyboards).

On VM, Brent's weekly news post is up, and I have to credit him with getting me fired up about Tennessee Middle School (see above).

"Mtnvandy" has a post that I'd like someone to dicipher for me, because that all looks impressive, and what-not, but I don't get it. Feel free to comment and make me feel stupid.

"BrentVU" (of the daily newspost fame) brings us an interesting quote from the "Old Ball Coach," who says that "[South Carolina] match[es] up better with Mississippi State, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt." That, needless to say, starts a good discussion.

Brent (who is apparently on his game this week) also has some Eastern Michigan scouting, with some accompanying discussion (and smack talk?) from other VM posters.

On VS, "DavidVorhaus" does his weekly Good, Bad, and Ugly report. He points out that the East is currently showing up the West (and gives some props to UK, UGA, and Florida defeating Arky, 'Bama, and Ole Miss).

"Dynamitedore" points us toward an article in the Columbia, S.C. newspaper The State, where sportswriter Patrick Obley makes a list of the 10 worst teams from BCS conferences and doesn't mention the Commodores -- and does list the Vawls. Print it and frame it, folks.

Jared Hawkins didn't mind getting his new pants, sans stripe and with the Star-V, dirty against Ole Miss. Photo by Stan Jones,
"IAM4VU" joined S&S's own Mark in loving the new Commodore uniform pants (you know, that doesn't quite come out right, does it?), and starts a discussion on the topic.

That's it looking forward; there are several folks that have opinions on what went down this weekend. Among them:, posting on VM and Marv and Who Ya With.

While you're at it, take a look at the well-written piece from the Memphis Commercial Appeal, which takes a look at the lives of Division I football parents, including Vanderbilt's own Curtis Gatewood and his mom.

There's also news out of Hawkins Field, and Joe "I only wrote this because it was bad news for Vanderbilt" Biddle writes about a freak injury suffered by Ryan Flaherty, one of the 'Dores' key players.

Finally, for today, take a moment to read an article out of The Vanderbilt Hustler in which Jarred Amato takes time to outline his perspective, as a student (and believe me, being a student affects your views on this issue), on how the departure of former Chancellor Gordon Gee will affect Vanderbilt's athletics program.

That's it for now; I'm just glad to have some news to report this week! As for Mark, he's in the process of moving to (gasp) California, so keep him in your prayers. I still maintain that there is a draft of his thoughts on the Ole Miss win (no, really: it's saved here on our state-of-the-art S&S computers), and I'll bet that before this week is out, he will endeavor to finish and post it.

In the meantime, stay tuned for your daily (more or less) Naval Intelligence briefing, as we get ready to host the Michiganders (isn't that a funny name -- but it's true).

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