Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Season Forecast and Richmond Preview coming soon

Welcome to Star & Stripe. It's 3 days 'til kick-off, and Mark and I have managed to get our act together in time for the home-opener against Richmond.

We'll also be posting a season forecast with our look at the Spiders (and how we think we'll do based upon historic stats and upcoming prognostication, with a little help from the Vegas line).

We want Star & Stripe to fill a void that's out there in the Vanderbilt blog-o-sphere right now. We feel like there's a lot of great content being generated about our Dores (or our Commies, as our friends at Vanderbilt Sports Line would say), and we think that's great. The niche that Mark and I want to try to fill is the "original content by alumni-fans" plus commentary on the news-coverage being put out by both Nashville and non-Nashville folks. We also want to try to strike up a conversation with opposing-teams' blogs as the occasion to discuss one another arises.

But enough about the future: it'll all make sense as you bookmark (or RSS) us and come back for more.

In the meantime, check out Mark's analysis of where Vanderbilt football stands at the beginning of Season 2007.

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