Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Naval Intelligence: VU sports now Mac- and money-friendly

One of the regular features we'll be putting up on Star & Stripe is "Naval Intelligence," our daily (more or less) look at what's going on around the Vanderworld in the mainstream media, the blogs, and the message boards. Now, on to today's big news.
Vanderbilt's contract with Yahoo! Sports has finally run it's course, DeFKA announced today, which means that VU play-by-play will now be available on
Vanderbilt's contract with Yahoo! Sports has finally run it's course, DeFKA announced today, which means that VU play-by-play will now be available on

One of the biggest things to lead off with today is not even technically related to the athletics side of, well, Vanderbilt athletics. Today on his BarcaBlog, Vanderbilt web guru Brandon Barca announced two very-big-deals.

First, our infernal contract with Yahoo! Sports, which has lasted far too long, has finally run its course. This means that now even non-subscribers and those of us outside the range of the ISP Vanderbilt Sports Network can now hear the Voice of the Commodores Joe Fisher give play-by-play on football and (men's) basketball the way we enjoyed hearing him on select baseball games.

Which leads us to the next big development out of DeFKA today: Commodore All-Access, the awesome-and-free web-based content that Athletics has been putting out since we switched to CSTV as our Athletics webhost, is now accessible to Mac users. For Mac-owners, it's easy as adding the Flip4Mac plugin (see Brandon's blog for instructions).

In other news from officialdom, the Commodore History Corner is back, and this time Bill Traughber interviews former Commodore football coach Watson Brown. It's a pretty good interview; Traughber does a great job as usual. There's also a new edition of "reVealed" out on, featuring more from the football JumboTron photo shoot.

On the blogs, law school still has Vanderbilt Sports Line down and out; Save the Shield is still featuring July soccer; and Valiant Underdog is still stalking about Brandt Snedeker's big PGA win.

Pete's Pigskin Prognostications are back on VandyMania.
Pete's Pigskin Prognostications are back on VandyMania.

Other Vandy sites are a bit more up to date that the Blog-o-sphere, today. Over on VandyMania, Blake Lovell talks about that getting that eerie feeling that accompanies all true Commodore fans when our team gets hyped. Instead of "eerie," I think I'd call it hope-mixed-with-fear (of course, most Vanderbilt fans could be case studies for the folks in the psychology department in Wilson Hall, but I digress). VM also has the first editions of their feature forecasters: Mike & Jay's SEC Picks and Pete's Pigskin Prognostications. For the neophytes out there, Mike & Jay tend to be a bit more homerish when it comes to Vanderbilt sports; Pete (as the older VU fan whose hopes are more used to being dashed) is usually more cynical. All three pick the Dores by at least 20 (as does Vegas).

On the message board side of things, the VandyMania football board has its usual "[insert day here]'s stories on Vanderbilt football" post up. Interesting stories include one from the Bay Area in California and features former athletics director Todd Turner as a source. The other stories are a potpourri of articles about the upcoming Richmond game, and feature Coach Bobby Johnson's typically understated pre-game sayings.

Elsewhere on the VM board, there's an interesting thread about when Vanderbilt used to regularly be featured on the Bottom 10 list over at ESPN. There's a big discussion about the Carolina safety who got into trouble a few days ago, with tempers getting a bit heated.

On VandySports, there's a post from a nice man who seems to have issues with life and who also predicts SEC games straight up and against the spread (he, himself, is picked apart by the VS posters, who pretty much insinuate that he doesn't know what he's talking about). There's a thread about a Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle article which claims that Richmond is a significant threat to the Commodores. Needless to say, that raises some hackles. There is also a report that Uga VI is missing down in Athens. Finally, a Wisconsin Vandyfan summarizes the first Bobby Johnson Call-In Show of the 2007 season, with some good insight.

That's it for today; be sure to stay tuned for our Richmond preview (from Mark) and our Season Forecast, both of which coming before Friday. We promise.

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